Brighton English College  


Brighton English College was founded on August 6th, 1961 by two residents of Villa Raffo, Sáenz Peña: Pacífico Fernando Peroni and Margarita Galletti de Peroni.

The setting up of this school, according to its founders’ words, was based on a dream:

"When children, we felt a predilection for a certain ideal of what we would like to be when we were older: this school is the concretion of those dreams."

It is an institution devoted to the achievement of high educational standards with, above all, love and commitment.

Both the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary Level are the only bilingual options in the area (Spanish-English). In Secondary School, we teach three languages (Spanish-English-Portuguese).

We are the only school in the area that is entitled to provide bilingual and trilingual education, permission to do so granted by Dirección General de Cultura y Educación of the Province of Buenos Aires.

What has earned our school a devoted following in our catchment area is not only our emphasis on the foreign languages we teach but also our interest in catering to our students and their families’ needs.

The school’s name comes from the beautiful city of Brighton, located in Sussex County, England, which - apart from its natural wonders - is considered a high center of art and education.

Its coat of arms displays a mythological animal: a flamboyant dragon, of Greco-Roman origin that represents the vital forces and the guardian of the sources and spiritual treasures of "Wisdom".

The work of its founders has been perpetuated over time as a silent and living witness of their dreams.



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